The Power of Realtime Feedback

Watch this video. It's an hour long but worth every minute:

This is an absolutely brilliant demonstration of the power of realtime feedback during the creative process.

In the early 90's I was a photojournalism major in college. This was before digital cameras were a thing. We shot maybe 70 images total, threw the canisters in a bag and days (sometimes weeks) later would process the film and finally see the results. This delay between capturing and seeing the images made it hard to connect action with outcome. If a certain image turned out well often I wouldn't remember exactly what I had one differently to produce the shot. The creative feedback loop was slow, long and disjointed.

Then digital hit and the world changed. Suddenly you could take hundreds of pictures at no additional cost. You could immediately view the results and adjust exposure, lighting, etc. on the fly. The creative feedback loop contracted to seconds which in turn dramatically sped up the process of becoming a better photographer.

There are a lot of things I suck at. Coding is definitely one. Imagine if Bret Victor's approach was the rule rather than the exception. How much faster could a hack like me improve? How much more productive would it make someone who already knows what they are doing?